Digital Infrared Thermometer

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Our advanced non-contact infrared thermometer is easy to use. It uses an infrared detector to detect body temperature from the temple for adults & children and can be used both at home and hospitals. The CE Certified thermometer is designed for practical use. It can also be used to measure any temperature other than the human body, such as the room temperature or liquids. Our digital thermometers not only support forehead or ear function, but they can also obtain the surface temperature of any object. Our IR Thermometers are widely used in hospitals, factory resumption, office building, shopping malls or at home.

  1. Non-contact thermometer – Portable digital infrared thermometer gun. Helps avoid touching skin, convenient to measure temperature with no risk for cross-infection.
  2. LCD Display, Backlit Display can be clearly displayed under any light. Comfortable grip handle. Buttons and the trigger are designed for one-hand operation.
  3. Measure a surface temperature without contact. Reducing cross-contamination and minimize risk of spreading diseases.


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